Event Dates: July 29-30, 2017
Entry Fee: $325 per team
Sport Commissioner/Contact: Courtney Pettit; 615-975-5006


Code Division  Event Dates Entry Fee
00059 12U Baseball  July 29-30 $325 per team


Age: April 30, 2017


1. Pitching distance will be 46 feet.

2. Base paths will be 60 feet.

3. Stealing will be allowed when pitch reaches home plate. (No leading off) Should a baserunner leave early from a base, the ball will be declared dead and the baserunner called out.

4. Batters cannot advance on a third strike.

5. Pitching restrictions: pitchers will be limited to ten (10) innings for the tournament. One (1) pitch in an inning by an individual pitcher will be counted as one (1) complete inning pitched by that individual pitcher.

6. Bats: Bat barrels may not exceed 2 ¼ inches in diameter. (NO big barrel bats will be allowed)

7. Batting helmets must meet the NOSCAE standards and be worn by all when batting and running the base paths. All helmets must cover both ears.

8. All games will consist of 6 innings or a ninety (90) minute time limit, whichever comes first. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation or time elapsing, we will use the international tie breaking system. This would involve the last batter of the previous inning, whose turn at bat had been completed, assuming a position on second base as a runner.

The following run rules will be enforced:
12 Runs after 3 innings
10 Runs after 4 innings
8 Runs after 5 innings

9. Lineups may consist of a DH (Designated Hitter) and one (1) EP (Extra Player)
Designated Hitter – the designated hitter may play defense, which would eliminate the role of the Designated Hitter for the reminder of the game.
Extra Player – Teams may bat 10 and play any 9 in the field. If an extra player (EP) is used, all ten (10) players must bat and any nine (9) can play defense. Defensive positions can be changed, but the batting order must remain the same.
The DH and the EP must be listed on the Line-Up Card and in the scorebook.

10. All players in the starting lineup may be withdrawn from the game and re-enter once (including the starting DH and EP), provided that the players occupy the original position in the batting order whenever in the game.

11. Offensive Conferences – 1 per inning

12. Defensive Conferences – Two (2) in the same inning to any one player, players, or pitcher, that pitcher must be removed from the pitching position. Three (3) defensive conferences to the playing field in any combination of consecutive innings for any reason other than injury will result in that pitcher being removed from the pitching position.

13. Delay tactics in the judgment of the umpire are strictly prohibited.

14. A coach may instruct the umpire to issue a batter an intentional walk.

15. A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher or catcher

  • a. The same runner must be used only once per inning.
  • b. The runner must be a player not in the lineup unless all players are in the lineup, and then the last player whose turn at bat has been completed shall be used as the courtesy runner.
  • c. Coaches are encouraged to use this rule to speed up the game and increase

16. All coaches must be able to provide proof of age for all the participants on their

17. Protests must be decided at the time of the protest and must be accompanied with
a $75 Protest Fee.

18. Group accident insurance and commercial general liability insurance must cover
all teams.

Because of pitching limitations, the tournament will be split into two separate tournaments once the entry list reaches more than 16 teams. Teams will be placed in the tournament brackets at random. Awards will be given to both tournaments should this occur. Thank you and look forward to seeing you at the Bluegrass State Games.


2000 Parkers Mill Road
Lexington, KY

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Registration Fee: $325 per team


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