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Event Dates: July 14-15, 2018
Entry Fee: $150 per team
Sport Commissioner: Ron Van Haaren;

Code Division  Event Dates Entry Fee
00009 6 year old  July 14-15 $150 per team

2017 BGSG Teeball Rules

Bluegrass State Games Teeball Rules

  1. Participants in the 5U division may not have turned 6 before May 1, 2017. Participants in the 6U division may not have turned 7 before May 1, 2017.  Age is set forth by Babe Ruth Baseball.  No Exceptions.
  2. Teams MUST have copies of ALL player’s birth certificates (or medical cards) at EVERY game.  If proof of age cannot be presented, teams can forfeit the tournament.  No refunds will be given for forfeits.
  3. All teams are boys and girls, all boys, or all girls.  Maximum of 15 and a minimum of 11 players at all times on roster.  (You may start the game with 10, but when your 11th player has not shown up to bat, the game is forfeited.  An injured player is the only exception to the rule of finishing a game with 10 players).
  4. Line-ups will be presented to the official scorekeeper at least (10) minutes prior to game time. All players present and listed on the roster must be in the line-up and bat each game.
  5. A game will consist of five (5) innings or one (1) hour. No new inning will start after the time limit has expired.  A turn at bat will consist of three (3) outs or a maximum of six (6) runs scored per team per inning.  Pool play games can end in a tie to prevent delays in the schedule.  In the event of a tie for the tournament seeding, the tie breaker will be runs allowed.  If there is still a tie, it will go to a coin flip.  In tournament play, a tie after 5 innings or 1 hour, the game will be played to resolution with the extra innings being played with the same rules as regulation play.  A twelve (12) run mercy rule will be in effect after three (3) innings.
  6. Regulation Little League baseballs will be used. Bats must not exceed 28 inches in length and 2 ¼ inches in diameter.  A Game Ball will be provided.
  7. Regular infield positions (1B, 2B, 3B, SS, P, C) are to be used.
  8. The catcher must wear a helmet with a mask and stand in the designated area behind and away from the batter until the ball is hit.
  9. The pitcher must maintain contact with the pitching rubber with at least one foot until the ball is hit. The pitcher must wear a helmet with a face mask and a chest protector.  Shirts with the built in chest guard are acceptable.
  10. Outfielders cannot make a play in the infield.
  11. Each team is allowed 2 coaches in the outfield on defense. Coaches may not touch or physically move a player on offense or defense.
  12. Defensive players should not block the path of the runner unless making a tag or playing the ball. This is a judgement call by the umpire.  Defensive interference allows the runners(s) to advance to the next base.  A runner interfering with the defensive player will be called out.
  13. The ball is hit off a tee located at home plate. The ball is placed on the tee by a coach of the offensive team. The tee must be in contact with home plate.  The batter shall not swing until the umpire-or coach-calls out “Play Ball” after checking to see if the defense is ready.
  14. If the batter swings and misses three (3) times, he/she will be called out. If the batter hits the ball foul, it is counted as a strike. If the batter hits the ball foul on the third strike, he/she will have another attempt to put the ball in play.  If the ball is not hit on the 3rd strike or the player only makes contact with the tee, the batter is out.  A ball that does not travel past the foul line is considered a foul ball.
  15. The batter must make an effort at a full swing. If the umpire, at his discretion, feels the batter is attempting to “bunt” the ball, he/she will be given ONE WARNING PER GAME and then assessed a strike on subsequent attempts.
  16. It is the coach’s responsibility to keep the game moving. Coaches at bat must keep the game moving and are not allowed to spend excessive time prepping batters. Teams will receive a delay of game warning at the umpire’s discretion.
  17. There is no stealing, leading off, or leaving the base early. If the runner leaves the base before the ball is hit, the team will draw one (1) team warning. After one  (1) team warning, runners will be called out.  Only the umpire is allowed to make this call.
  18. A runner may tag up on a caught fly ball to the outfield (grass). A runner may not tag up on a caught ball in the infield (dirt). The location of the catch determines if it is infield/outfield, not the position of the player making the catch.
  19. A runner interfering with a fielder attempting to play the ball, in the umpire’s opinion, will be called out. This is a judgement call by the umpire and not subject to challenge.
  20. A runner who misses a base can be tagged out. A runner missing home and going into the dugout will be called out. If the runner returns in a “reasonable amount of time” to touch up at home plate, the run will count.
  21. If 2 runners are on one base at the same time the lead runner is safe. The second runner is out if tagged by the fielder, but may return to the base safely if not tagged. Any runner passing the lead runner will be called out.
  22. The batter, on-deck batters, and base runners MUST wear a helmet. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  23. Runners may not advance on an overthrow by an infielder at any time. Runners may advance at their own risk on an overthrow by an outfielder until the ball is in possession of an infielder standing in the dirt. Once the ball is in possession of an infielder, all runners must stop.
  24. A batter slinging or throwing the bat will be given one warning by the umpire and then called out for any subsequent bat slinging or throwing in that at-bat. When the umpire sees a bat slung or thrown, the umpire will immediately stop play and warn the batter or call the batter out if the warning already occurred in that at-bat. This applies no matter where the ball travels.  If the batter slings the bat in subsequent at-bats after receiving a warning, the batter will be called out.
  25. If the runner is past a visual line, then the runner may advance forward to the next base. This is the umpires call and is not subject to challenge.
  26. If the runners are on base and a line drive is hit in the infield, the runners on base can be doubled off.
  28. Warnings will be assessed by the umpire and noted by the official scorekeeper.
  29. The coach placing the ball on the tee should move the after the ball is hit to allow runners a safe path to home plate.
  30. It is a coach’s responsibility for players to bat in order. The official scorekeeper will maintain the official batting order. If the ball is put in play by a batter out of order, the batter is called out and the runners return to their previous base.
  31. In the event of games running ahead of schedule, it is the sports commissioners discretion to start a game earlier than the original time to keep the tournament moving. Teams will be notified by the commissioner and given proper warm up time.
  32. Coaches are limited to four (4) team/player meetings per game. This is for both offense and defense.
  33. Only managers, coaches, players and scorekeepers will be allowed in the dugout area.
  34. All players, coaches, parents, and umpires are to conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Disorderly or un-sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and may lead to suspension from participation in the tournament. Participants are prohibited from using foul or offensive language.  Failure to abide by these rules will result in eviction from the park and/ or suspension from participation in the tournament.  Refunds will not be given to teams suspended from participation of the tournament.   It is the discretion of the Sports Commissioner and/or Umpire to evict or suspend any participant from tournament play.
  35. A coin toss will designate home team in pool play games. In single elimination, higher seeds will be the home team; coin flip will be used if teams are the same seed.

650 Southpoint Drive
Lexington, KY

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Postmark Deadline: July 6, 2018
Online Deadline: July 11 @ 12 PM
Registration Fee: $150 per team


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2017 Teeball Rules
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