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Event Date: September 15-16, 2018
Entry Fee: $30
Sport Commissioner: Tom Hills;

Schedule: All singles events will be played on Saturday, 9-15-18, while all doubles events will be played on Sunday, 9-16-18.

Entry Forms: You may play in one age singles event and one skill level singles event. You may play in two doubles events only if one of them is mixed doubles. If you enter doubles, your partner must be declared on your entry form. Doubles entries must be classified according to the singles skill level of the stronger of the two players.

Eligibility: Open to all Kentucky residents and border states who do not have a state games that offers racquetball, those who play primarily at a racquetball club located in Kentucky, or those who have participated in at least two Kentucky State Racquetball Association tournaments during the 12 months prior to the 2018 Bluegrass State Games.

Format: Each division will be assigned a starting time and courts to play on, then you will play everyone in your division until you have played them all.

Divisions of five or fewer players or teams will play in a round robin format with no additional playoff. Divisions of six or more players or teams will participate in pool play with a playoff round.

You will play back to back matches if you enter two events. Tournament directors can and will reclassify skill level entries if necessary, seed divisions when possible, and cancel divisions with less than three entrants or combine them with other divisions.

Starting Times: Information will be on the Kentucky State Racquetball Association or BGSG website on Thursday prior to the tournament with the starting time of your first match in each division entered. If you cannot visit the websites, call Tom Hills at 502-445-0595.

Rules: USRA rules govern play. Round robin and pool play matches will be two games to 15, with no tiebreakers. Total points earned will determine match, round robin, and pool winners. Playoff matches will be two games to 15, with an 11-point tiebreaker, if necessary. Matches will be self-refereed. The decisions of the tournament directors will be final in the resolution of all disputes. Sportsmanship is expected and required. You may risk forfeit if you are more than ten minutes late after your match is ready to start.

Age: Age as of September 15, 2018

400 E. Main
Frankfort, KY 40601

Adult Age Singles Events

Male      Female                Age

11100    11105                 24 & Under
11110    11115                 25+
11120    11125                 35+
11140    11145                 45+
11150    N/A                     55+
11160    N/A                     65+
Junior Age Singles Events

Male      Female                Age

11200    11205                 18 & Under
11210    11215                 16 & Under
11220    11225                 14 & Under
11230    11235                 10 & Under
11240    11245                 8 & Under
11250    11255                 8 & Under (Multi-Bounce)
11260    11265                 6 & Under (Multi-Bounce)


Skill Level Singles Events

Code      Event                   Code     Event

11300    Men’s Open        11305   Women’s Open
11310    Men’s A              11315   Women’s A
11320    Men’s B              11325   Women’s B
11330    Men’s C              11335   Women’s C
11340    Men’s D              11345   Women’s D
Doubles Events

Code      Event

11600    Men’s Open/A Doubles
11605    Women’s Open/A Doubles
11610    Men’s B Doubles

11615    Women’s B Doubles
11620    Men’s C/D Doubles
11625    Women’s C/D Doubles
11630    Mixed Doubles

Postmark Deadline: September 5, 2018
Online Deadline: September 9, 2018 at 5 PM
Registration Fee: $30
NO On-Site Registration 

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Postmark Deadline: 9/5/18
Online Deadline: 9/9/18 at 5 PM

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