Event Date: July 22, 2017
Entry Fee: $30 (covers up to 3 events)
Sport Commissioner/Contact: Mark Meade; 859-385-1842


  • Participants may enter a maximum of three events (1) Age Group (2) Open Singles (3) Doubles
  • Participants entering Doubles must submit the partner’s entry form in one envelope to assure being properly partnered. Players without partners will be matched per tourney committee discretion
  • USATT rules apply. Sandpaper paddles NOT allowed.
  • Dark clothing and gym shoes required
  • All USATT rated players must place their latest rating or estimate on the entry form
  • Please be available to the Control Desk 30 minutes prior to the listed start times of the events
  • Participants will be defaulted if not available to the Control Desk within 5 minutes after being called for a match (unless prior arrangements have been made with the Control Desk)
  • Events will not start earlier than scheduled; however, some events may start later than scheduled. Please limit pre-match warm-ups to two minutes and return match results promptly to the Control Desk
  • In the case of a no show, tournament committee reserves the right to alter the draw to achieve a competitive balance
  • A minimum of three entries will be needed for competition to be held in any event. Events that do not have 3 entries will be combined with the next higher age group within that division unless it is the highest age group, in which case it will be combined downward.


Singles: Round robin groups of three, four or five with the top finisher of each round robin advancing to a single elimination bracket. However, events with 5 players or less will play one round robin group only with the top three finishers being medalists. Tournament committee reserves the right to modify the format depending on the number of entries received.

Open Singles, Doubles & Women’s Open: Single elimination tournament.

AGE: Age as of July 22, 2017

201 Castlewood Drive
Lexington, KY 40505

Venue Information

Postmark Deadline: July 14, 2017
Online Deadline: July 17, 2017 at 10 PM
Entry Fee: $30 (covers up to three events)


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Send entry forms by email:

by mail:
Bluegrass State Games
162 E. Main, Suite 210
Lexington, KY 40507

by fax:


Code Age Start Time
16010 14 & Under 12:30 pm
16020 15-19 4:00 pm
16030 20-34 3:30 pm
16040 35-49 9:30 am
16050 50-64 8:00 am
16060 65 & Over 8:00 am
16070 Open Singles 10:30 am
16055 Open Women’s 10:00 am
16119 Doubles 40 & Over 2:00 pm
16129 Doubles All Ages 4:00 pm

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Postmark Deadline: 7/14/17
Online Deadline: 7/17/17