Bluegrass State Games Highlights

MANY Sports

With 30+ sports offered in the Bluegrass State Games, from the traditional (track & field, baseball, soccer) to the emerging (pickleball, eSports, bike polo), there is something for everyone to get involved and compete for a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal.

MANY Participants

With 15,000+ participants annually, the Bluegrass State Games has grown from a humble beginning in 1985 to become the state’s largest amateur sporting event.  In addition to the large number of participants, the State Games truly are a statewide competition, with 100+ counties represented in the most recent Games.

Available to EVERYONE

Individuals with any type of disability may compete in any of the Bluegrass State Games events. Individuals with disabilities will compete with non-disabled participants when ability levels are comparable. If the athlete feels that his/her ability level is not comparable with non-disabled participants, he/she will compete against other participants with similar disabilities, provided enough entries are received to hold competitions.

pictured above: Miracle League Baseball

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